VadaTech Inc.
Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The ATC806 is ideal for broadband media servers or other applications requiring the versatility of a powerful 40G or 10G ATCA switch with dual integrated AMC slots. The switch provides two ports of 40GbE/10GbE to Zone 3 RTM, 13 ports to the Fabric Channel and one port to the Update Channel.

Each slot can run 10G or 40G speeds for up to 640G of aggregate bandwidth. A mux selection allows the 40GE or 10GbE to interface together with the GbE signals. Two ports also have a mux selection for routing to the RTM. An RTM can be ordered separately, contact VadaTech for details.

Linux OS is standard on the ATC806, consult VadaTech for other options.
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