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Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The AMC005 provides a complete, feature-rich, GPS / PTP (1588) / IRIG / NTP bus-level timing solution to a μTCA/ATCA system, with exceptional flexibility.

The on-board GPS receiver or 1PPS or IRIG input is used to discipline the local oscillator and cancel out any oscillator drift or aging. Precision UTC timestamps and GPS location/time/status are all made available via PCIe registers to the host CPU/application. Time trigger output and time event interrupts synchronized to GPS UTC are available under host control. GPS location/time/status data Broadcast/Unicast output via backplane Ethernet with selectable bonding/failover behaviour.

The board can demodulate IRIG Amplitude Modulated (AM) signals and receive/transmit IRIG DC Level Shift (DCLS) signals. The disciplined clock, 1PPS, divided-down clocks, IRIG DCLS, and time trigger may be output in any combination to the TCLKA / TCLKB / TCLKC / TCLKD backplane channels.

The board acts as a Grand-Master Clock/Clock Bridge between GPS / PTP (1588) / IRIG / NTP to provide enhanced flexibility to your system design. The board also supports Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) to eliminate clock drift at the Ethernet PHY level.

A backup battery or SuperCap provides non-volatile storage of the Almanac, Ephemeris, and Last position data to enable rapid "warm start" re-acquisition, usually within 35 seconds. The module's console is available via front serial or SSH via Ethernet. Locking/holdover status is also available via IPMI sensors. A secondary serial port enables GPS NMEA data in/out.
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