ADLINK Technology Inc.
Alex Lee
The nanoX-BASE is a standard ATX size COM Express reference carrier board. It is compatible with COM Express Type 1 modules and provides four PCI Express x1 slots, one PCI Express x16 slot (x1 link), two PCI slots, an SDVO/ADD2 slot, one ExpressCard slot and one SDIO/MMC slot. The nanoX-BASE complies with the PICMG® COM.0 R1.0 specification and is intended for testing and verification of COM Express systems based on Type 1 modules.

Together with the nanoX-ML COM Express Ultra form factor module and off the shelf add-on cards, the nanoX-BASE allows customers to quickly emulate the functionality of their end product for software development and hardware verification. Complete design files including schematics, mechanical drawings and BOM are available to customers to assist them in designing their own custom carrier board. ADLINK also provides additional development tools including the BattMan Smart Battery Reference System, a verified 10.1" LVDS panel, LVDS-to-TTL conversion board, and ADD2 DVI card.

The nanoX-BASE Starter Kit includes everything customers need to begin their own design and development and will be available at the end of September, 2010.
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