AdvancedMC connector for MicroTCA backplanes


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A resilient product that can be used in rugged applications - that is the revised MicroTCA AMC connector by ept. Modifications of the insulator material involve an improved design.
We changed the insulator so it will allow a more robust application. The outside dimensions of the insulator have not been changed but re-enforcement ribs were added along with thicker body walls. With an innovative design solution, based on the contacts and the insulator we reached a considerable higher rigidity. With this change, the process capability during press-in is improved and it is impossible to damage the connector itself.
We also made a version with "pegs" available. These pegs have a dimension of 2,25mm x 3,2mm and fulfill 2 requirements: they serve to align the connectors into the backplane and ensure a straight press-in process (no more tilting).
For the no peg version, the mounting hole diameter has been reduced to 1,85mm. New and enhanced screws enable a better mounting solution for special applications.
We improved the manufacturing process as well, which results in a higher output. Because of this, we can continue to insure short delivery times.
The connector is available in con:card+ quality. Due to the GuideSpring the contact reliability will be improved. It compensates tolerance deviations of the AdvancedMC boards by centering the board within the connector slot.

Part Number: 502-14170-153
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