786 Series Rugged Mil-Spec PC AT Chassis.jpg

786 Series Ruggest Militarized/Industrial PC Enclosures


Atrenne Computing Solutions

SIE Computing Solutions 786 Series Rugged Militarized/Industrial PC
enclosure is a proven performer in the airborne and vehicle operations of the
military. It is designed to excel in the harshest environments while still meeting
cost objectives.

Features and Benefits
"Rugged Militarized/Industrial PC/AT Enclosure
"Welded seam construction
"EMI gasketing and honeycomb filtering on
all air intake and exhaust
"Designed to meet environmentals of
"Designed to meet EMI requirements of
"Mounting options for up to 10-slots PCI/ISA
"Rear I/O configurations including parallel,
serial ports, and keyboard/mouse connections
"7.00"H (4U) x 17"W x 22"D Rackmount
Aluminum Enclosure
"350 Watt switching power supply
"Front accessible CD-ROM, HDD, and
floppy drive with provisions for a second
HDD in the 6-slot chassis.
"Front AC indicator, time meter, and
circuit breaker
"Heater control system allows for use in
the harshest environments as low as -40°C
"Available single board computers, I/O,
and expansions
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