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EasyCable CompactPCI Backplanes


Elma Electronic Inc.

Justin Moll
Director of Marketing
The Elma Bustronic CompactPCI backplane series is designed to be fully compliant with PICMG standards. The EasyCable line features power nuts along the side of the backplane for easy and convenient cabling. We have provided all the standard features required for full compatibility, including all pin connections for bussed signal lines and all defined power and ground pins connected to their respective planes. User defined VI/O is standard. All of Elma Bustronic's standard CPCI backplanes conform to the PICMG basic specification 2.0 R2.1 and Hot Swap specification 2.1 R1.0 They are designed to maximize performance, minimize noise, and give the customer the most reliable, cost-effective products possible. To achieve superior performance, we construct the board in eight layers (12 layers for H.110) -- three signal layers, five power ground planes. We incorporate a full stripline design, generously distributed decoupling capacitors, and 2 oz. power and ground planes. Our standard design with two 2oz. copper ground planes fully shield the backplane, minimize EMI/RFI emissions susceptibility, minimize crosstalk, and maximize power distribution.
Two 2 oz. copper voltage planes allow us to maximize power distribution while they act as virtual ground planes for the signals in order to minimize noise and crosstalk. There is also a full VI/O plane. By exclusively utilizing stripline construction, we eliminate a significant source of EMI/RFI radiation and give all the signals similar characteristic impedances, virtually identical propagation delays, and minimal signal skew. All these items allow for significantly higher data transfer rates, as signal skew factors into the data transfer rate calculations four times.

- Conforms to PICMG basic specification 2.0 R3.0
- PICMG Hot Swap specification 2.1 R1.0
- Versions conforming to PICMG H.110 Computer Telephony specification 2.5 R1.0
- 8-layer and 12-layer controlled impedance stripline design
- Superior power distribution
- Virtually zero crosstalk
- Logical slot #1 (system controller) is right justified