AdvancedMC SATA Storage Module - Mid-Size / Full-Size

Supports any density 2.5

AdvancecdMC modules are the key to extending the value of AdvancedTCA platforms designed for multiple applications in the wireless / wireline network infrastructure.

As the ideal low-cost storage solution for open modular solutions, the Kontron AM4500 SATA module is available in either Mid-Size or Full-Size, and offer up to 250 GByte storage capacity. Built in accordance to the AMC.0 specification, the AM4500 is also AMC.3 compliant, features Native Command Queuing (NCQ) with up to 32 instructions to be queued and reordered, and is easily managed via IPMI v1.5.

As a hot-swappable field replaceable unit (FRU), the AM4500 also follows the same stringent carrier grade RASM feature set, namely - Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Maintainability. When offered in combination with AdvancedTCA platforms, TEM (Telecom Equipment Manufacturers) clients literally conserve valuable system AdvancedTCA system slots.
- Full-Size / Mid-Size (AMC.0 R2.0)
- AMC.3 R1.0 compliant
- 120GB and 250GB capacity
- 7200 rpm, 10.5ms average seek time (1.5ms track to track)
- 24 hours / 7 days operation
- S.M.A.R.T. Technology
- Management through IPMI 1.5 implementation
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