G4 Dev Board.jpg

Plug-N-Run Development Board


PFU Systems, Inc.

William Dohse
Director - Product Development
The Plug-N-Run development board is a full featured platform for systems development. It provides standard connection to an array of interfaces - SATA, IDE, LAN, USB, COM, FDD, LPT, PS/2, CRT, LVDS LCD, TV-Out, Audio, LPC Bus and SMBus. In addition to the 32-bit/33MHz PCI slots, the x1 PCI Express slots permit high bandwidth I/O expansion. A x16 PCI Express Graphics slot permits external high performance graphics hardware to be used with the development board. All I/O are easily accessible. A development board kit with adapters, cables and an ATX power supply is available separately.

- Four x1 PCI Express® Slots
- Single x16 PCI Express Graphics Slot
- LPC Bus Interface
- Dual SDVO Interfaces
- Dual Channel LVDS Interface
- Dual Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive Interfaces
- IDE ATA100 Hard Disk Drive Interface
- 10/100Base-TX Ethernet Interface
- Eight USB 2.0 Ports
- Audio Line Out, Line In and Mic In
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