AAEON Technology, Inc.

Sean Park
Marketing Manager
The COM-45SP is the latest COM Express Module from the AAEON development team, having been chosen by Intel as a lead account for the creation of a COM module for the Intel GM45 chipset. AAEON is pleased to announce the debut of this cutting edge product that not only meets the demands for high performance in existing embedded markets but will create opportunities for new and existing products.

The COM-45SP supports Intel Core 2 Duo/ Celeron M (Socket-P) processors built on a 45nm process with up to 6MB CPU cache and a FSB of 1067MHz. It supports up to 8GB DDR3 in a dual channel configuration by way of two 204-pin SODIMM sockets. With Gigabit Ethernet for a high bandwidth network connection and eight USB2.0 ports, the COM-45SP offers the connectivity required by demanding applications. The COM-45SP offer x16 PCI-Express lands through the GMCH (graphics, kx2l/kx4l/kx8l.), five additional PCI-Expresskx1llanes from the ICH9M (I/O controller hub), four 32-bit PCI, LPC bus, SMBus, and I2C. To make this module as versatile as possible it has been designed to operate from a wide DC input range of 8.5V to 19V.
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