VadaTech Inc.

Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The VT951 is a rugged 1U chassis used in Mil/Aero or other applications that need to withstand shock/vibration. The lightweight aluminum construction provides 6 single module mid-size AMC slots. For front panel retention, there is a single MicroTCA.1 screw on the opposite side of the ejector handle on each module slot. The chassis offers dual redundant PSUs, hot-swappable from the rear of the chassis.

The front-to-rear cooled chassis utilizes the VadaTech 3rd generation MCH (UTC004 product) for its shelf manager, crossbar clocking for low jitter, GPS/IEEE1588/SyncE/NTP, etc. The VT951 has PCIe Gen3 dual x4 or single x8 routed to each AMC slot.

The VT951 backplane provides direct connection between adjacent AMC slots on ports 2-3 and on ports 12-20.
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