VadaTech Inc.
Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
Designed to solve the real world I/O problems of Military, Industrial and Telecom applications. The AMC095 is a 16-Channel Optically Isolated Input AdvancedMCTM (AMC) module. Eight channels are factory configured for TTL/CMOS inputs and the other eight channels are configured for 0 V to 10 V source inputs (other voltage ranges are available, contact Sales for more information).

Designed for maximum flexibility in mind, the AMC095 features an FPGA that provides a number of software programmable functions which include: programmable de-bounce on a channel-by-channel basis (increment of 1 ms resolution), programmable Change-of-State (COS) interrupts (rising edge, falling edge or level sensitive), and multi-channel sensitive input masked interrupts.
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