Low Profile CompactPCI Backplanes


Elma Electronic Inc.

Justin Moll
Director of Marketing
The Elma Bustronic Low Profile cPCI backplane series saves a slot-size of width on the backplanes. By placing power studs and power blades throughout key locations, as opposed to the side of the backplane, space is saved. This allows the 4-slot Low Profile cPCI to fit within a 2U horizontal chassis and the 8-slot to fit within a 4U horizontal chassis, etc.
All Elma Bustronic cPCI backplanes are designed to be fully compliant to the PICMG basic specification 2.0 R3.0 and Hot Swap specification 2.1 R1.0. The H.110 versions conform to PICMG H.110 Computer Telephony specification 2.5 R1.0. Some configurations are compliant to the PICMG 2.16 Packet Switching Backplane specification.
Elma Bustronic uses stripline construction to assure the highest possible performance. By exclusively utilizing stripline construction, we eliminate a significant source of EMI/RFI radiation and give all signals similar characteristic impedances and minimal signal skew. This allows for significantly higher data transfer rates as signal skew factors into the rate calculations four times.

- Conforms to PICMG basic specification 2.0 R3.0
- PICMG Hot Swap specification 2.1 R1.0
- Versions conforming to PICMG 2.16 are available
- Versions conforming to PICMG 2.5 R 1.0 for Computer Telephony are available
- Designed to save a slot size of width, fit into low profile horizontal chassis
- 8-layer and 10-layer controlled impedance stripline designs
- Virtually zero crosstalk