Processor AdvancedMC module with Intel Core i7

High performance Processor AMC

The AM4020 is a powerful single-width AdvancedMC processor module, designed around the new Intel Mobile Core i7 processor. With up to dual 2.53 GHz, the AMC module offers the ultimate in computing power and integrated graphics when utilized in MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA integrated platforms.

The single-width AM4020 AdvancedMC processor board integrates the memory controller, PCI Express, and the graphics processor within the multi-core processor. Equipped with the highly-integrated Intel QM 57 Platform Controller Hub, it offers high power density and performance on an extremely compact footprint. With its outstanding overall performance it is ideal for MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA telecommunications applications such as IPTV, media servers and media gateways, conference systems, and in test systems for wireline networks. The AM4020 is also an ideal fit for the medical, automation, aerospace, military, and security markets which require fast data processing. With MicroTCA.1 support for a robust system design and an optional temperature range of -40 to +70 C, it withstands the toughest mechanical and thermal environmental conditions.

- AMC Processor Module, Single-module, Mid-size (Full-size on request)
- Intel Core i7 up to 2.53 GHz
- Up to 8 GByte SDRAM memory (soldered) with ECC running at 1066 MHz
- Graphics interface
- Up to 32 GByte SATA NAND Flash memory module
- Comprehensive I/O capabilities
- Superb monitoring features
- PICMG AMC.0/.1/.2/.3 compliance
- Extended temperature according MicroTCA.1
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