VadaTech Inc.

Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The VT840 is a 1U μTCA chassis that provides six mid-size AMC slots with swappable redundant power in the rear of the chassis. The six slots are divided among two sets of three slots, each set with their own dedicated PCIe Fabric, GbE, Power Module, clock structure, and management. The fabric on ports 4-11 is PCIe (AMC.1) and ports 2-3 are routed to adjacent slots (AMC.3). Other features include FCLK to each AMC, a single digital input/output pin per unit (two total on the front panel), and front to rear cooling. The 300W AC power/fan trays and air filters are removable for ease of serviceability.

The VT840 runs management software based on VadaTech's proven VT002 second generation mezzanine. The shelf manager implements IPMI management, FRU management, and shelf environment management for power, thermal, E-keying, etc. The VT840 has integrated dual 10GbE network interface, which connects to the PCIe fabric via x8 PCIe Gen3.
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