ATCA Tester v 2.2.5


Polaris Networks Inc
Poulomi Roy
Marketing Administrator
atca-tester-datasheet linux.pdf
The ATCA Tester v 2.2 is an automated software tool testing the Hardware Platform Management Software and IPMC Firmware Upgradation implementation in ATCA & AMC based building-blocks or systems.
It is designed for Hardware manufacturers, System Integrators and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers who wish to reduce the time and resources spent on ATCA, AMC and Hardware Platform Management (HPM) testing and interoperability issues during the development and qualification of building-blocks or during system integration. The tester also helps meet interoperability and certification requirements of their systems for compliance with the ATCA certification suite.

124 Test scenarios based on
1.ATCA Interoperability Workshops scenarios
2.PICMG® 3.0 R2.0 specification (including ECN-002)
3.AMC.0 R2.0 specification
4.IPMI 1.5 specification
5.PICMG® HPM.1 Specification

Test categories
* Carrier IPMC
* Sensor
* Shelf manager
* Shelf
* Network

Available on Linux x86

�� Tools included:
~ FRU / SDR / E-Keying Dump: Dump data from any IPMI controller in raw or interpreted format
~ SEL watcher: Monitors any System Event Log and logs all events in a file
~ IPMI pinger: Pings any IPMI controller
~ IPMI command: Sends any IPMI command to any IPMI controller
~ ATCA monitor: Simple GUI to browse & monitor ATCA platform management data
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