conga-BE57 - provides memory error correction feature, which ensures maximum reliability


congatec AG
Christian Eder
Director Marketing
The conga-BE57 is designed for DDR3 ECC SODIMM memory modules and equipped with extremely low power Intel® processors in a BGA package, the conga-BE57 is particularly suitable for mission critical applications.
ECC is an abbreviation for Error Correction Code. Unlike ordinary RAM modules, ECC modules offer additional functionalities allowing them to check and control the flow of data and therefore correct errors. Due to this correction code, this type of memory module can detect and correct single bit errors as well as detect multi-bit errors. This constitutes a significant difference to the so-called "parity bit" where errors can only be recognized but not corrected. As a result of this increased reliability, computer-on-modules with ECC support are ideal for demanding applications in medical technology, server systems and the aviation industry.
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