NAT MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) - GEN3


N.A.T. GmbH
Heiko Koerte
VP, Director Sales and Marketing
The NAT-MCH is the central switching resource for any MicroTCA system and dedicated to any application in the communication, the aerospace and defence, the medical or the industrial market. Due to its modular design the NAT-MCH allows customers to build full scalable MicroTCA systems by selecting the required and omitting the non-required features offered by the MicroTCA and AMC standards.

Besides its already available support for 1GbE, clocks (telecom and fabric) and fat pipes as PCI Express, SRIO and XAUI (10GbE) the NAT-MCH now offers enhanced features as port trunking for 1GbE or fat pipe uplinks (CX4 and SFP+) for SRIO and XAUI or a real USB port or GPS frequencies at the clock mezzanine. Also available with the 3rd generation of the NAT-MCH is a low cost version which meets price sensitive uTCA applications in a fully standard compliant way.

Together with the new hardware release the firmware has been upgraded to fully support redundant environments as well as load sharing with multiple power modules. Enhanced debugging features also include the support of the power safe System Event Log (i.e. for post-mortem analysis). Also available with the new firmware is an improved version of the well-known JAVA based GUI NATview which offers new options like the FRU Editor for adding or deleting multi-records.

Both the new hardware and firmware have been successfully qualified in interoperability tests with all major backplane vendors and AMC and power supply manufacturers.

The NAT-MCH fully complies with the applicable PICMG MicroTCA.x and PICMG AMC.x specifications in their most recent release.
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