Extreme Engineering Solutions

Benjamin Klam
VP of Engineering
The XPand1201 is a low-cost, flexible, development platform. This platform supports up to ten 0.8 in. or 1.0 in. pitch conduction-cooled CompactPCI modules. It provides 482 W of total simultaneous power, which can be distributed as up to 16 A on 12 V, up to 40 A on 5 V, and up to 20 A on 3.3 V. The heat from the internal conduction-cooled modules is conducted to sidewall exchangers, where it is dissipated to the ambient environment by forced-air cooling. This efficient thermal design allows up to 60 W of power dissipation per slot at 30°C ambient, while maintaining 70°C at the module's thermal interface.

X-ES platforms, including the XPand1201, provide a feature-rich solution for system development. RTMs provide maximum I/O flexibility and rapid system prototyping. Power and reset LEDs are provided for system status. A momentary push button is provided for reset, and a switch is provided for DC power enable.

The XPand1201 is available for purchase in several rapid-development, standard configurations. Custom configurations of modules, RTMs, and backplanes are also available utilizing X-ES and third party components.
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