MH50C - Modular Train Control System (MTCS) Controller


duagon Germany GmbH
MH50C is the central controller of the Modular Train Control System MTCS. It is a modular system platform usable for safety-critical train applications like train control, automatic train operation (ATO) and automatic train protection (ATP) up to SIL 4.

The MTCS family consists of the MH50C controller unit together with the safe, SIL 4-certified CPU board F75P and up to 6 I/O cards. For more complex applications or if the places of operation are far away from each other the control unit can be extended by up to 63 remote I/O boxes.

The MH50C controller unit as well as the remote I/O boxes can be flexibly configured with the new I/O boards regarding their number and functionality. All components can be plugged and removed independently from each other in a system, making it possible to exchange cards or do a new configuration very easily.

MTCS, the Modular Train Control System from MEN, builds on standardized electronics and a standardized interface to the software application, and is therefore the very first open computer platform for automatic train operation and protection. Both operators and supplier benefit from noticeably lower system costs - not only for certification but also due to independence of suppliers regarding maintenance and life cycle management.
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