VadaTech Inc.
Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The Mongoose 1 is a high performance ATCA Video Mixer that takes in DVI-I graphics and outputs DVI-I graphics while simultaneously mixing in up to four additional analog video windowed or full-screen sources. The analog video sources come in on up to twelve analog signal lines which are arbitrarily structured into up to four composite (1 signal line), S-Video (2 signal lines), and/or component (3 signal lines) source groups by way of an on-board video cross-point switch. The analog video signals come in on two HD-15 connectors and either one of them can be dynamically selected to alsodaisy-chain out to another HD-15 connector for use by a second blade if desired.

The video mixer uses high-quality 3D comb filtering, motion-adaptive de-interlacing,and frame-rate conversion to match the analog video to the DVI-I input video. The analog sources can be scaled/cropped/panned/positioned arbitrarily with respect to the DVI-I graphics. The four analog inputs, DVI-I input, and internal graphics layer can then be z-ordered to determine which ones are on top of the others and then alpha blended or Chroma keyed for advanced video effects. The resulting full screen/window can be still-frame captured to a file without interrupting the on-screen video. The video mixer is controlled via Ethernet (using a C API library or CLI) or Serial (using a CLI). With the Mongoose 1, important input sources like charts, maps,and surveillance cameras can be over laid onto your PC desktop seamlessly to provide an integrated view of video and data sources.
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