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Trenton 6890 4-Segment PICMG 1.3 Backplane


Trenton Systems, Inc.
Jim Renehan
Director of Marketing & Business Development
The BP4FS6890 is a four-segment PICMG® 1.3 backplane targeted at cluster computing applications. The BP4FS6890 backplane features support for up to four server-class or graphics-class system host boards. Each backplane segment is called an SHB segment and contains one system host board slot plus multiple PCI Express option card slots. On server-class models, an SHB segment contains two x16 PCI Express mechanical slots and one x8 PCIe mechanical slot. Graphics-class backplane models feature two x16 mechanical slots where one of the slots is driven with a x16 PCIe electrical link. The BP4FS6890 backplane supports all Trenton system host boards including the high performance MCX/MCG-series featuring two, multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors and the TQ9 featuring the Intel® Core 2 Q9400 long-life, quad-core embedded processor.
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