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Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The AMC596 is based on the Virtex UltraScale XCVU440 FPGA in FLGA2892 package withan on board Power PC P2040. The AMC596 is compliant to the AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and/orAMC.4 specification.

The module provides 20 SERDES lanes on tongue 2, providing high-bandwidth connectivity toanother module at a very high speed (where supported by appropriate chassis). The use of thetongue 2 connector complies with the AMC.0 specification.

The on-board, re-configurable FPGA interfaces to the AMC FCLKA and TCLKA-D via a MLVDSCross Bar Switch (CBS). The FPGA has interface to one DDR4, 64-bit wide, with 8 GB totalmemory. This allows for large buffer sizes to be stored during processing as well as for queuingthe data to the host.

The on-board quad core P2040 runs at 1.2 GHz with 1 GB of DDR3, 128 MB of Boot Flash, anda 32 GB SD Card. The PPC has x4 PCIe interface to the FPGA in addition to its local bus. ThePPC has its dual GbE routed to ports 0 and 1 of the AMC via a mux to allow FPGA routing tothe ports as well. The same applies to ports 2-3 (PPC SATA ports or directly to the FPGA viamux selection).
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