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Paul Stevens
Telecom Sector Marketing Director
Experience true server class performance on CompactPCI. Using Intel 45nm 64-bit Xeon technology with up to four cores at 2.33 GHz combined with the powerful Intel® 5100MCH/ICH9R chipset, the MIC-3393 blade boosts computing and I/O performance deploying the latest virtualization, multi-threading and I/OAT acceleration techniques. Enhanced Xeon packaging, front side bus parity, onboard, soldered DRAM with ECC support and RASUM features integrated in the 5100 MCH combined with PICMG2.9, IPMI-based management make the MIC-3393 a highly available and reliable high performance computing engine. The comprehensive I/O subsystem includes a 2.5" SATA HDD or CompactFlash slot, three advanced Gigabit Ethernet controllers, two UARTs, USB ports and a TPM. The addition of PCIe links to the RTM further enhances versatility compared to previous generation blades resulting in best-in-class connectivity.The RIO-3311 RTM module supports one PS/2 connector with both keyboard and mouse ports, three USB ports, two RS-232 ports, 2 SATA ports, a PCIe based server graphics controller with VGA port, a USB port for USB NAND flash module, and alternate cabling for the three Gigabit Ethernet ports of the MIC-3393. In case the SATA disk drives and SATA RAID support of the ICH9R do not meet performance and reliability requirements, the RIO-3311 SAS version supports a 4-port SAS controller with RAID and failover support.The MIC-3393 is outfitted with single slot (4HP) or dual slot (8HP) front panels to match CPU performance, CPU power dissipation, and system cooling capabilities. The 8HP version of the blade can be extended with a MIC-3312 mezzanine module which can carry two XMCs/PMCs or two 2.5" SATA HDDs to support enhanced I/O modularity and additional mass storage options; or extended with a MIC-3313 mezzanine module which support one VGA display output. If further combine with rear I/O board RIO-3313, the CPCI system can support dual display.
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