conga-BM67 - COM Express Basic Type2 Module form factor module based on 2nd Generation Intel® Core processor family


congatec AG
Christian Eder
Director Marketing
The conga-BM67 features the latest 2nd Generation Intel® Core processors lsuch as the Intel® Core i7-2710QE processor (2.1 GHz, 45W, PGA) and the dual-core Intel® Core i5-2510E processor (2.5 GHz, 35W, PGA) with up to 8 GByte dual channel DDR3 memory (1333 MHz).

The conga-BM67 is a two chip solution that utilizes the new powerful Intel® QM67 Express chipset.
The processor graphics supports the Intel® Flexible Display Interface (FDI), which allows for two independent video channels on the VGA, LVDS, HDMI, DisplayPort or SDVO interfaces. The major highlight of the Type 2 pinout COM Express Basic (95x125mm) module is the boost in graphics performance. The 3D performance has been increased substantially when compared to Intel's previous generation of processor-graphics.
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