Extreme Engineering Solutions

Benjamin Klam
VP of Engineering
The XPedite7040 is a single-width, mid-size or full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) single board computer designed to provide maximum performance and I/O options while minimizing power consumption. The Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel Core Duo processor or Low Voltage (LV) Intel Core 2 Duo processor provides the XPedite7040 with a significant performance-per-watt processing advantage. Additionally, the Intel 3100 chipset combines the functionality of an integrated server-class memory controller (Northbridge) and an I/O controller (Southbridge) into a single device that is specifically intended for power- and board-space-sensitive embedded applications.

The XPedite7040 can be installed in an AdvancedTCA (ATCA) AMC.0-compliant carrier or a MicroTCA.0 (µTCA)-compliant backplane. The XPedite7040 supports an AMC.1 x4 PCI Express interface, dual AMC.2 Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-BX interfaces, and dual AMC.3 SATA interfaces. Additional serial and GPIO is provided through the backplane connector.

The XPedite7040 supports two PC3200 SO-RDIMM modules and 4 GB of NAND flash for ample on-card memory capacity. 4 MB of Firmware Hub (FWH) space is also supported for redundant BIOS or OS kernel storage.
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