MicroTCA System - OM6060 Compact AMC Platform

The OM6060 is a compact AMC platform targeted as entry level solution for prototypes in test equipment, packet processing and industrial applications. It can accommodate up to 6 mid-size AMCs and one MCH (full-size). An AC power supply is located in the rear. The OM6060 supports multiple CPUs with I/O-boards over PCIExpress (PCIe) without need of an extra PCIe fabric switch. PCIe fabric clocks are generated on the OM6060 backplane. Without need of Ethernet connectivity, the OM6060 provides MicroTCA management for AMCs over an MCMC-module (AM2901) on the backplane. This way, overhead and costs are reduced to a minimum.

- Compact system incl. AC power & fans for up to 6 AMCs
- Entry level MicroTCA for packet processing, image processing and industrial applications
- Single star backplane GbE; PCIe, SRIO & SATA point-to-point
- Power Management, Fan control and PCIe fabric clocks on backplane
- Supports MCMC on backplane or Basic MCH AM4901
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