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Paul Stevens
Telecom Sector Marketing Director
MicroTCA Carrier Hub: Layer 2 GbE switch with MCMC

Main Features

  • Layer 2 GbE switch for up to 12 AMC's on Fabric A

  • MCH Update channel for MCH redundancy

  • Front panel GbE uplink over RJ-45 or SFP

  • Pigeon Point based MCMC with direct or switched 10/100 Management LAN port available on front panel

  • IPMB-0 / IPMB-L for complete carrier management

  • Built-in expandability for future pluggable enhancements

  • Switch Management and Extended Fabric switching

  • Customizable clock module and front panel I/O

  • Compliant with PICMG MTCA.0 R1.0

The Advantech UTCA-5503 MCH is an extremely cost effective module which combines the control and management infrastructure and the interconnect fabric resources necessary to support up to 12 AMCs in a MicroTCA shelf. The MicroTCA Carrier Management Controller (MCMC) is the central authority in a MicroTCA Shelf and has the ability to monitor and control the constituent AMCs. It makes use of IPMI Links to each AMC, as well as presence detect, enable, and Geographic Address signals. When redundant MCHs are installed, failures in the management circuitry on one MCH can be handled by a failover to the other MCH. The MCMC LAN interface is available for optional remote management via the front panel RJ-45 connector or for optional routing to the Base Fabric switch.
In its basic configuration, the MCH acts as the GbE hub of a star network, providing centralized switching & high-speed connectivity to each AMC. The Switch on the MCH provides an unmanaged L2, non-blocking, low-latency GbE Switch. Two MCHs can be used to implement a dual-star topology required for reliability. This is further enhanced by a GbE Update Channel Port between the MCHs. A front panel RJ-45 or SFP provides GbE uplinks. This basic configuration provides a solid solution for the most cost sensitive applications.
Extension connectors mate PCB1, 2 and 3 for clocks and enhanced processing functions such as Level 2/3 switch management, authentication and encryption. It can also provide PCB3 switching for fat pipe PCI Express, SRIO, GbE or 10 GbE.
A PCB2 module can be added to the MCH for enhanced clock distribution and external clock connectivity depending on customer specific requirements. Flexibility has been built into the Front PCB2 module design in order to meet a wide range of current and future Clock, I/O and alarm panel requirements.
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