EKF Elektronik GmbH
Bernd Kleeberg
Sales & Marketing Manager
Proven and reliable, RS-485 (EIA/TIA-485) stays a popular fieldbus communication interface, due to simple installation via low cost twisted pair copper cables, up to 1200m length.
The CUD-TWIST is a peripheral slot card for CompactPCI® systems, equipped with four isolated front panel RS-485 ports. High speed RS-485 balanced line transceivers with internal 5kV isolation barrier provide for optimum noise and EMC immunity.

The CUD-TWIST is equipped with an octal PCI Express® to UART bridge. The 950-style UARTs are compatible with many asynchronous serial applications and protocols. Four isolated EIA/TIA-485 transceivers are wired to RJ45 front panel jacks, individually configurable for full-duplex operation (4+1 wire cable) or half-duplex (2+1 wire cable), either point-to-point or multipoint applications. Another four UART channels are wired to the CompactPCI® backplane connector J2 for rear I/O usage.
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