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COMe Eval Carrier T10



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The Evaluation carrier board for COM Express® mini COMs is designed to allow embedded application developers to get up and running quickly on the COM Express® mini modular platform, giving them a head start on the total system design. Simply select a Kontron COM Express® mini CPU module, then Plug & Go.

The COM Express® Evaluation Carrier Type 10 is designed for COM Express® mini COMs, offering new interfaces for PCI Express, and SATA in addition to USB 2.0, LVDS, DVI, Gigabit Ethernet and more.
With a complete array of connectors brought out on this carrier board, it serves as a reference design for other more customized variations.

The COM Express® format represents a more cost effective replacement to time and resource consuming full custom designs.Time to market is dramatically reduced and future upgrades are as simple as choosing a new COM Express® CPU module. Therefore, the total cost of ownership of the end design is improved as well.
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