VadaTech Inc.
Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The AMC105 is a double module, mid-size (full-size optional) board based on the AMC.1 Specification. The AMC105 allows PMC/XMC to be installed in an AMC slot. The PMC PCI-X bus can run at 133MHz.

The PMC/XMC J4 connector is routed to the front panel of the AMC module as a standard option via the Mini-SCSI connector. Alternatively, a limited amount of I/O can be routed to the RTM (Zone 3) per the SLAC specification (contact VadaTech for details).

Ports 17-20 that are defined in the uTCA.4 spec are routed on board so that the Trig signals could be driven from the PMC/XMC to the backplane.

This modular approach allows a MicroTCA chassis to utilize the large numbers of PMC/XMC modules that are available in the market.
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