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Paul Stevens
Telecom Sector Marketing Director
The MIC-5701E is a voice and video-over-IP DSP farm on a single-slot ATCA blade targeting telephony infrastructure applications, including voice-over-packet high-density gateways, wireless media gateways, and remote access servers.A key requirement of telephony infrastructure applications is the availability of large on-chip memories to handle vast amounts of channel data during transcoding processing. Each of the twenty-two on-board DSPs incorporates 768 KB of shared RAM and 608 KB local L2 RAM and connects 256 MB external DDR2 memory, thereby reducing system power dissipation and system cost and enhancing board density. Each DSP has six optimized cores, making a total of 132 cores per MIC-5701E to combine highest performance with the lowest power dissipation per port. Serial RapidIO is implemented for inter-DSP communications and Gigabit Ethernet is embedded for native connectivity to IP-based systems.The blade is an excellent choice for applications including video and telecom infrastructure, medical imaging, and wireless infrastructure. The C64x+ devices are upward code-compatible from previous C6000 devices making the MIC-5701E an ideal upgrade platform from previous generation designs.The MIC-5701E includes a high-performance Freescale QorIQ P2020 processor managing a powerful Broadcom BCM56334 switch which terminates the 10 gigabit Ethernet fabric connections and distributes traffic to the twenty-two DSPs. The MIC-5701E offers unrivaled packet and media processing capabilities for high density transcoding in a compact ATCA form factor with a power consumption of under 220W. DSP software support is available through TI's Telogy Networks framework and codecs, and from Advantech's ecosystem software partner ENEA.
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