VadaTech Inc.
Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The ATC805 is ideal for broadband media servers or other applications requiring the versatility of a powerful 40Gb Ethernet switch (1.2 TBit throughput) with dual integrated AMC slots. The AMC modules allow adding different personality modules to have diverse types of media ports (i.e. SFP+/QSFP+/Copper, etc.) or standard AMC.2 modules such as NPU,FPGA, etc. The switch provides four ports of 40GbE to the front panel with an additional four ports to the Rear Transition Module (RTM). Each of 40GbE ports could be configured as four 10GbE Ports.

The 40GbE and the 1GbE switch Fabric runs in SyncE and/or IEEE1588 mode. The modulehas an option for on-board GPS, 1 PPS and/or any frequency input as reference. The module has CLK1A/CLK2A/CLK3A as well as the second clock CLK1B/CLK2B/CLK3B. All the clocks go through a Cross Bar Switch (CBS), which allows any clock as input/output with minimum Jitter.

A mux selection allows the 40GE switch to interface with the GbE Switch. This allows the option for the full separation of the Fabric and the Base channels. An RTM can be ordered separately to access the rear ports, contact VadaTech for details.
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