VadaTech Inc.
Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The AMC593 provides a very capable I/O processing engine, with a large UltraScale FPGA coupled to two FMC sites and supported by an on-board quad-core processor. Withover 5,500 DSP slices and supported by 8 GB of DDR4 (32-bits wide over two banks), the XCKU115 connects to all FMC LA/HA/HB pairs, balancing high-speed I/O with impressiveprocessing power. The AMC593 is compliant to the AMC.1, AMC.2 and/or AMC.4 specification, and supports direct AMC-to-AMC connections over ports 12-15 and 17-20.

The dual FMC sites accept FMCs from VadaTech's extensive range of data acquisition,networking and RF units, and other 3rd party VITA-57 compliant modules.The quad core P2040 on-board host has 4x PCIe interface to the FPGA in addition to its local bus, and is supported by DDR3, Boot Flash and a SD Card. The user can select whether to route ports 0 and 1 of the AMC to the PPC or FPGA.

The AMC593 has Serial over LAN (SOL) per IPMI specification, with a hardware RNG for secure session.
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