BPG8150 PCI Express Small Form Factor Backplane


Trenton Systems, Inc.
Jim Renehan
Director of Marketing & Business Development
The BPG8150 PCI Express small form factor backplane utilizes a robust PCIe 3.0 link design to support two x16 PCIe Gen3 links from Trenton's current dual-processor, BXT7059 system host board with the PEX10 PCIe link expansion option card installed. The backplane's two, PCIe Gen3 switches deliver PCIe 3.0 links to six option card slots. A seventh card slot is driven with PCIe 2.0 B0 link from the BXT7059 SHB. The BPG8150 PCI Express small form factor backplane is also designed for future dual-processor PCIe Gen3 SHBs that will enable all seven slots to be driven by PCI Express Gen3 links. Both the PCIe Gen3 switches and the BXT7059 automatically establish communications with either PCI Express 3.0, 2.0 or 1.1 option cards.
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