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650 Series 2U MicroTCA System


Atrenne Computing Solutions

James Tierney
Vice President Sales
SIE SIE Computing Solutions 650 Series of 2U MicroTCA
Systems provide the features required to deploy up to 12 AMCs in
an economical, low profile 2U 19" rack mount chassis.
The 650 Series of 2U MicroTCA Systems is an economical solution
that provides MicroTCA and AMC features into a low profile 2U Horizontal
19" rack mount chassis.

Features and Benefits
" Multiple configurations support half and full
height, single and double width AMCs
" Up to 12 AMCs can be configured into a
2U rack space
" Push Pull controlled and monitored thermal
management system for 40 watts per AMC
" MCH and a 12-port backplane with base fabric
connectivity support AMC.2 1000BASE-BX
fabric and SATA backplane connectivity
" 600 watt universal input AC power supply
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