AdvancedTCA 5U System w/ Redundant cooling


Elma Electronic Inc.

Valerie Andrew
Strategic Marketing Architect
This 5U AdvancedTCA Chassis features full redundancy with dual redundant fan trays, shelf managers, and A/C power supplies. The shelf managers and A/C power is optional. Side-to-side cooling is achieved via a plug-in fan tray with dual 170 CFM fans with PWM (pulse width modulation) control on each side of the card cage. The redundant push/pull configurations of the fans offer higher levels of reliability.
The new N+1 version offers two 700W or 1200W power supplies as well as optional dual shelf management integration. The chassis is ideal for designs that need the high-performance and functionality of ATCA, but prefer power supply options.

- 19" rack mount, fully compliant to PICMG 3.0
- 5U H x 444mm W x 385mm D
- Rugged steel Construction
- Fits into Zone 4 Seismic Rack (NEBS 3)
- 5 slot full mesh backplane connectivity
- Single or dual 700W AC input PSU providing 48V @ 15A
- Dual fan trays on each side of the card cage
- Side-to-side cooling in push-pull configuration, redundant cooling
- Single or dual pluggable ATCA Shelf manager optional
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