Type 11, MicroTCA 5U System Platform


Elma Electronic Inc.

Valerie Andrew
Strategic Marketing Architect
Elma's unique modular MicroTCA solution allows a wide range of design options. The Elma solution is extrusion-based, with modular card guides allowing various slot counts, card heights, and component configurations. This greatly reduces the costs, lead-time, and risk of tailoring a configuration to a customer's specific needs. The Elma modular design also keeps prototyping costs low. When a project moves to higher volumes, Elma can switch from extrusions to stamped sheet metal. Thermal simulation reports are available under NDA, contact Elma for details.
MicroTCA systems will support up to 58 single width, compact-size AdvancedMC modules in a 19" EIA rack or an assortment or different size modules. AdvancedMC modules are targeted for such modular applications as storage arrays, firewalls, blade servers, and even home entertainment centers. Each module may dissipate between 20 and 60 watts each and the platform management scheme is designed to support applications from 99.99% to 99.999% availability.

- 19" rackmount, according to PICMG MicroTCA.0 Rev. 1.0
- Backplane for full size modules standard, other sizes available
- Modular extrusion-based solution
- Front air intake, rear air exhaust
- Fan trays pluggable in a push configuration
- Removable air filter
- High EMC shielding
- Optional locking bars to secure modules in shelf
- Optional cable management tray
- Optimized via thermal simulation studies
- Customized versions available
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