Simona Agostinelli
Marketing Manager
SECOMExp-Gseries is a COM-Express TYPE II, Extension DisplayPort / HDMI, basic form factor, designed by SECO, based on the brand new Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) made by AMD, integrating in a single chip a low power (Single or Dual core) 64-bit CPU along with a middle level GPU, AMD RADEON HD6250 / HD6290 / HD6310 / HD6320, able to drive two independent monitors using the LVDS / HDMI / DisplayPort interfaces.
The Fusion realised in AMD APU itself represents an excellent solution for powerful low power modules, able to offer DirectX®11 support, advanced discrete-level GPU with OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL support, and unprecedented graphics performance/watt thru advanced graphics and hardware acceleration (delivering over 3X performance per watt of previous generation).
In addition, the Companion Controller Hub AMD A55E, with its PCI interface, additional 2x PCI Express ports, 4 x SATA channels and 8 x USB ports, complete the features of this versatile module.

AMD T56N, Dual Core @ 1,65GHz, TDP18W
AMD T48N, Dual Core @ 1,4GHz, TDP18W
AMD T40N, Dual Core @ 1,0GHz, TDP9W
AMD T40E, Dual Core @ 1,0GHz, TDP6.4W
AMD T52R, Single Core @ 1,5GHz, TDP18W
AMD T44R, Single Core @ 1,2GHz, TDP9W
AMD T40R, Single Core @ 1,0GHz, TDP5.5W
AMD T16R, Single Core @615MHz, TDP 4.5W

up to 8GB of 1033MHz DDR3 on two SO-DIMMs

integrated AMD GPU Radeon:
HD6320 - AMD T56N
HD6310 - AMD T52R and T48N
HD6290 - AMD T40N
HD6250 - AMD T44R, T40E, T40R and T16R
Dual independent display support
DirectX® 11, OpenGL 4.0, OpenCL 1.1 supported

Video Interfaces
Dual DisplayPort or HDMI interface
18/24 Bit Single/Dual Channel LVDS (alternative to second
DisplayPort / HDMI interface)
CRT interface

Operating Temperature
0°C ÷ +60°C (commercial version)

125 x 95 mm (COM Express Basic, 4.92" x 3,74")
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