Processor AMC based on Freescale QorIQ P2020

Universal cost effective processor AMC module

The Kontron AdvancedMC® processor module AM4120 is equipped with the Freescale QorIQ P2020 Dual Core processor with up to 1.2GHz and based on the Power Architecture® e500. Application reliability is ensured with features such as the redundant universal bootloader U-Boot and persistent memory for cycle data storage. Furthermore, a dedicated Module Management Controller (MMC), which supports basic IPMI commands, is used for board management, enabling operators to monitor the status of the AdvancedMC module in the system, simplifying system management and improving availability. The Kontron AdvancedMC processor module AM4120 also offers increased longevity due to Freescale's processor availability until at least 2018, careful component selection and a MicroSDHC card socket that is not impacted by regular flash discontinuation.

The universal Kontron AM4120 offers cost sensitive AdvancedTCA® and MicroTCA system designs long- term availability, support of various fabrics and an extraordinary performance-per-watt ratio.

- Freescale QorIQ P2020 - dual core @1.2GHz
- Up to 4GB RAM with ECC
- 3x GbE: AMC port 0 + 2x Front or port 0,1 + 1x Front
- microSD card socket
- Extended Temperature Range on project request
- Useable in mangaged (with MCH) and unmanaged (without MCH) systems
- Processor roadmap until 2018
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