CompactPCI-PowerPC-Board with ETHERNET USB and CAN CPCI-CPU5201_300x300.png



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CompactPCI® PowerPCTM Board with CAN, ETHERNET and USB

Cost effective 3U/4HP CompactPCI CPU Board
- MPC5121e CPU with e300 core and 400 MHz / 760 MIPS
- Flexible and fast storage via CompactFlash®-card and USB connector
- CAN, 1 Mbit/s, electrically isolated
- Linux®, QNX® and VxWorks® BSPs available
- CANopen®, J1939 and ARINC 825 protocol available
- EtherCAT® Master stack available

Longevity Program of FreescaleTM
- Enhanced availability: the CPU is included in the longevity program of FreescaleTM
- Low power consumption

Wide Storage Support (ATA, SDHCTM)
- CompactFlash card slot
- On request ATA devices and SDHC CLASS 10
- On request on-board storage eMMCTM and Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM)

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