Elma Electronic Inc.

Valerie Andrew
Strategic Marketing Architect
The PICMG 3.0-compliant 5U ATCA horizontal chassis is an ideal unit for prototyping and demonstrations. The chassis features an AC input, so that the unit can be plugged directly into a conventional wall outlet. This provides a much more favorable way of powering up the unit, as opposed to being limited to 48V DC power only. With the AC input, the chassis is also more convenient when transporting the unit for demonstrations. The 700W AC input PSU provides 48V @ 15A. The unit offers a unique 5-slot (standard) or 6-slot (optional) ATCA backplane that is also versatile for prototyping. Full Mesh, Replicated Mesh, and Dual Star topologies can be implemented on the same backplane. It also has options for plugging with the IPM Sentry Shelf Manager --an advanced solution that goes beyond standard monitoring. On the side of the slots, the backplane has 2mm HM connectors for direct plugging the 3U x 160mm IPM Sentry Shelf Manager Carrier Card. Side-to-side cooling is achieved via a plug-in fan tray with dual 170 CFM fans with PWM (pulse width modulation) control. The chassis is a 19" rackmount version with rugged steel construction. For serviceability, the filter tray and fan tray are separately removable. Other chassis features include Elma's unique design of the board mating receptacle (patent pending), which provides secure grounding, accurate alignment and accepts wide tolerances of the alignment pin spacing.
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