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CompactPCI Express Backplane


Elma Electronic Inc.

Justin Moll
Director of Marketing
CompactPCI Express (EXP0) supports the next generation Intel PCI Express architecture in the familiar 6U-160 Eurocard form factor. CompactPCI Express connects cards via a serial point-to-point bus with a read-only bandwidth of up to (16x) 2.5 Gigabits/second or (8x) 2.5 Gigabits/second full duplex bandwidth. CompactPCI Express provides support for several different card for factors with connectivity in 1x, 2x 4x, and 8x increments. Each link represents one full duplex 2.5 Gigabit/second interconnect path.
The support of legacy 32 or 64 bit CompactPCI boards is accomplished by a PCIe to PCI-X bridge. CompactPCI boards of 33MHz, 66MHz, or 133MHz are possible. Because the CompactPCI Express architecture continues to support the P3, P4 and P5 in all 6U slot types, CompactPCI Express can continue to support for all existing CompactPCI secondary architectures such as PICMG 2.5, 2.20, 2.16, 2.17 and 2.18 either as functions on native CompactPCI Express cards or as legacy cards in the original CompactPCI form.

- Complies to PICMG EXP0 rev. 1.0 specification
- PCI Express over 3U CompactPCI form factor
- System slot-two ZD and one enriched 2mm HM, power connector
- Type 2-one ZD and the one enriched 2mm HM
- The Type 2 slots can be converted to hybrid cPCI/PCIe
- Controlled-Impedance stripline design
- RoHS compliant versions also available
- 4-slot version uses power nuts, 6-slot version uses M4 power bolts