VadaTech Inc.

Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The VT830 features dual Switching Shelf Managers (SSMs) that combines VadaTech's 3rd Generation Shelf Manager with integrated GbE/10GbE/40GbE switches on the same module. This allows two slots in the system to be used as Nodes (Payload Boards) versus having the slots otherwise be allocated as dedicated switching Hubs in the system.

The 6U 6-slot SlotSaver ATCA Chassis conforms to the latest PICMG 3.0 specification in 10G or 40G configurations. The Shelf has a 19" rackmount form factor compliant to EIA-310. The VT830 Shelf offers 10GbE/1GbE Layer 2 managed switches or 40GbE/10GbE/1GbE Layer 3 managed switches. The Switching Shelf Managers have RTM capabilities for rear I/O.

The AC input of the Shelf provides N+1 redundancy, with options for DC or AC/DC combined configurations. The 6U ATCA Shelf offers exceptional thermal management with each slot dissipating up to 375W in a redundant push/pull configuration. The fan trays and air filters are all separately removable.
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