MicroTCA EcoBox System Platform


Elma Electronic Inc.
Valerie Andrew
Strategic Marketing Architect
As a new and upcoming architecture, MicroTCA is currently too costly for some industrial and more cost-sensitive markets. One of the most expensive components of a MicroTCA system is the power module. Elma has created the new EcoBox to help alleviate these costs. We have separated the power management from the power module and integrated the management intelligence onto an active backplane.
The new system platform is fully compatible with the MicroTCA specifications. The EcoBox has been tested with various industry-standard MCHs and AMCs at Interoperability Workshop and in Elma's labs. The system platform uses a pluggable 300W, 12V-ATX power supply. However, the IPMI intelligence for voltage supply and control is located on the backplane. This includes +3.3 V, in-rush current control and over-current protection.

- Low-cost MicroTCA System Platform, rackmount or desktop
- One MCH and 5 single/full size AMC slots
- ATX power supply - 300W, 12V output
- IPMI Power Distribution Module integrated on the backplane
- Cooling unit with IPMI support on backplane
- Full compatibility with management section of MicroTCA specification
- Optional connection AMC1 to AMC3
- Tested with various industry-standard MCHs and AMCs
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