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Concurrent Technologies PLC

Nigel Forrester
Technical Marketing Manager
TP CR1/XMC 3U XMC carrier board provides a flexible solution for designers wishing to add XMC I/O functionality to a CompactPCI 32-bit 33/66MHz system. The carrier accommodates one single width XMC module conforming to the IEEE 1386 Common Mezzanine Card standard, with front panel I/O and 64-bit rear I/O. XMC modules supporting up to x4 PCI Express® interfaces can be used. A wide range of commercial and proprietary designed XMC modules can be supported such as SAS, LAN, WAN, Graphics and Communications Controllers. The XMC site provides XMC rear I/O via the PMC Pn4 connector, where the rear I/O signals are routed to the CompactPCI J2 connector. There is an optional rear panel I/O Transition Module. Options to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C are available. This board is rear I/O plug compatible with the ruggedized conduction-cooled version
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