PP B1x/msd 6U CompactPCI


Concurrent Technologies PLC

Nigel Forrester
Technical Marketing Manager
PP B1x/msd is a 6U CompactPCI® board based on 4th generation Intel® processors for high performance applications with enhanced graphics capabilities. A number of build variants are available including processor choice and memory capacity. PP B1x/msd is designed to enable customers using existing PP 91x and PP 93x CompactPCI boards to transition to a new design for long life cycles. As well as offering backwards compatibility, there is a new build option with J4 connector fitted adding rear graphics and other I/O to support additional functionality for those customers with backplane control. For reliable storage, there are several customer selectable options including on-board CFast and a 2.5-inch drive as well as options for additional SATA based storage via the rear connectors. PP B1x/msd is suitable for a range of applications within the industrial control, telecoms, scientific and transportation markets.
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