Zone 2 Signal Connectors


ERNI Electronics
ERmet ZD connectors were specially developed for differential high-speed signal transmission in telecom applications with data rates of up to 10Gbits/sec.
This robust, high quality modular connector system is just as well-suited for use in conjunction with the 2mm HM (IED 61076-4-101) ERmet line of connectors.
The inline design of the signal and ground contacts makes simple, economic routing (conductor track routing) possible. Signal and ground contacts have different connection levels with a gap of 1.5mm, thus ensuring a safe connection. In addition, the contacts are assembled into a robust housing.
The ERmet ZD connector utilizes an optimal grid construction that reduces signal interference and offers ample room for conductor track routing. Its optimized design and effective shielding allow the ERmet ZD system to exhibit superb performance when it comes to crosstalk and reflections.
The ERmet ZD connector has been selected as the backplane interconnect for the PICMG 3.x (ATCA) industry standard.
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