Micro TCA Power Output Connector


ept GmbH

"MicroTCA Power Connector" is a combination connector with 72 signal contacts, at 2mm spacing, and a UPM power component, which is a two-row pattern with 24 power contacts.
A load of up to 15 A per pin is permitted for the connector.
This combination of signal and power contacts on one connector has set a new standard.
ept supplies their power connector with the reliable ept Tcom press® press-fit technology, a proven press-fit contact in today's marketplace.

72 signal contacts (at 2mm spacing)
24 power contacts
Contacts stamped with ept Tcom press® press-fit technology

Hot plug contact design
The MTCA.o specification defines two different footprints for the backplane connector; the ept connector is designed with the symmetric footprint variant.

Part Numbers:
MicroTCA Backplane Connector: 502-50096-183
MicorTCA Power Module Output Connector: 501-50096-183
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