ATCA carrier-grade 13U System


Elma Electronic Inc.

Valerie Andrew
Strategic Marketing Architect
The 2nd Gen 19" rackmount vertical ATCA chassis is designed for carrier-grade applications. The 13U chassis features a 14-slot dual star or mesh backplane. The unit is fully pluggable, designed for NEBS compliance, and radial or bussed IPMB shelf management. The chassis has been optimized via thermal simulation studies.

- 14 slot dual star backplane with integrated dual shelf manager connectors
- Dual 2nd Gen shelf managers in card cage slot 0 for easy access
- Cooling scheme engineered after extensive thermal simulations ensures even distribution of air over board surface per ATCA spec
- Capable of cooling over 200 watts per slot with up to 40 CFM per slot in front card cage and 6-10 CFM over RTMs
- 3 x individually removable fan trays with 2 x 120mm 48V fans each
- High speed Fans rated from 250 to 420 CFM per fan with PWM control
- NEBS compliant air filter above fans ensures even air distribution
- Honeycomb filter located below fans maximizes air flow intake
- Rear I²C enabled dual 50A power entry modules per segment (A and B)
- Optional PEMs with integrated circuit breaker
- RoHS compliant steel construction with black finish
- All FRUs (fan trays, PEMs) with Indicator LEDs
- Front and rear cable management brackets
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