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Heiko Koerte
VP, Director Sales and Marketing

The NCPCI-PMC is a carrier for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) in 6U CompactPCI form-factor. Unlike the traditional PMC carriers, the NCPCI-PMC is well suited for running on telecommunication platforms.

The board offers the H.110 bus (PICMG2.5) allowing TDM data from and to the two PMC sites to be distributed among different peripheral boards, such as line interfaces and DSP processing boards, using this standardized bus. Due to the fact that the power consumption of PPMCs (Processor PMCs) is higher than traditional PMCs, the NCPCI-PMC incorporates a special power supply circuitry. Thus the NCPCI-PMC is able to support PPMC modules with a power consumption up to 30W in total for both slots.

PCI Interface and Compliance
- cPCI: Intel 21555,PCI-PCI bridge (cPCI bus->internal PCI bus 1), 64 Bit / 66MHz, hot swapable

internal PCI bus:
- 64 bit/66 MHz PCI bus, which connects the i21555 PCI to PCI bridge to the 2 PMC slots, implemented according to IEEE P1386.1 / draft 2.4a

internal SCSA:
- 2 internal SCSA interfaces implemented, one each for every PMC I/O connector

- H.110: 32 bis H.110 interface implemented according to PICMG2.5 R1.0
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